Type of tangerine: Clementines.

Clementines are of the same family as tangerines. They are sweeter and tend to be a bit smaller than the mandarins because they are seedless. The soil and climate of Valencia provide the best clementines for its characteristic sweetness.

Type of tangerine: Clemenules:

Clemenules is collected from October to December, although in November is when starts to be really sweet, flattened, with an intense aroma and without seeds. The separation of the segments from the skin together with the extremely delicious flesh results likely to children because of its easy peeling and taste. Clemenules is also the most appropriate type for juice due to its high content of vitamin C and for producing the most orange colour juice. Taking into account the size of the other varieties of Mandarin, clemenules is a medium - large.

Type of tangerine: Clemenvilla; Months January-February.

Clemenvilla is similar in size to Clemenules, more rounded and with a more intense colour. Its flesh is very tasty although its thin skin makes it more difficult to peel.

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