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How long does it take to deliver my order?
The oranges of our gift boxes are packed and shipped the day after collection. You can make your order at any time, (although we would appreciate the request as soon as possible) indicating the exact week or even the day you want to be delivered (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays).

How can I know when the shipment will arrive?
If you are the address, you will receive a delivery note by SAMEL informing the receiving shipment.

What should I do if I get a box in poor condition?
If the box would have been damaged in the outside you must refuse the delivery to the distributor indicating in the delivery note the reason and, if possible, take a photograph of the state of the box to enable us to claim to the transport agency.
The box should be open in case the fruit has any damage, if so, please take a photograph to the damaged oranges and send the photos to us via email before the next 24 H. of the box reception.
In either both cases, please notify to us by phone or email and we will replace the previous order sending immediately another one for free.

I have not received my box of oranges what should I do?
Contact us by phone or email. We will check if the delivery address is correct or any other incident has occurred.

Is there any difference in the oranges?
The differences are in the size and presence.

How I can leave comments about the product and / or service I have received?
Click in "My Opinion" to leave any comments you want. If you have a query to do to us, please do not leave it in the comments section, email or call us.

How I can get a regular order?
Sending us an e-mail calling us or logging on www.naranjassamel.com o indicate there the dates you want it delivered.

Cancellation of an order
You can cancel the order at no cost letting us know through email or post 48h before it is sent but we would appreciate notice of the cancellation as soon as possible.

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Como pagar naranjas para regalo

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How to bay

Our store of oranges and tangerines allows you to send Samel orange boxes as a gift for special occasions or commitments and specifically designed as luxury Christmas presents for yourself or others.
On the "Home" or "Store" screen, click the box model that you want and select whether the purchase is for oneself "BUY for me" or as a gift for other people "BUY for a gift".

Each time you press the "BUY" button, you will be redirected to the page "Your order" where you can see all of the selected boxes of oranges. The next step is to assign to each box a recipient. (The cost of each box will automatically appear on the shipping price when you enter the destination country).

When finished with the boxes to send, click "Continue". If you have not done before, you must sign in or register as a new customer in the store of Samel oranges. If the buying of boxes is for yourself, you can indicate your shipping address or modify it if you have change direction or any other issue with the previous customer information.
Select the way of payment, accept the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of purchase and click "Finish" to access the secure payment by ING Direct. After the gateway, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your purchase.

Your contacts will remain saved so you can repeat them. In case you wish to change locations or addresses you will not need to indicate all the information in future purchases.